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Non power system & Electric system Vacuum Lift

Fukoku's Vacuum Lift has two types, JVD Vacuum Lift which does not need any power source called as non power system Vacuum Lift and DVD Vacuum Lift which needs electricity to make vacuum called as electric system Vacuum Lift.

You can choose most suitable model to your job upon size and weight of the workpiece you handle. We introduce just a part of example below and any model meeting to users’ needs can be produced. In details, please contact us now.

JVD Vacuum Lift

JVD Vacuum Lift is a vacuum lifting tool which does not need any power source as electricity. This technology has developed by VACU-LIFT in German forty years ago and that is recognized widely and internationally.

JVD M-0106動画あり NEW!

JVD MD-200N動画あり NEW!

JVD M-6075動画あり NEW!

We have established Japan Vacuum Lift Co.,Ltd., in 1980, the corporate joint venture, and introduced non power system Vacuum Lift in the Japanese market for a long time. In 2009, we and VACU-LIFT have concluded the business partnership agreement in technology, manufacturing and sales, service, maintenance and marketing of non power system Vacuum Lift and taken the first step as a world leading non power system Vacuum Lift manufacturer VACU-LIFT’s new partner company in Japan.

DVD Vacuum Lift


Fukoku’s DVD Vacuum Lift promises to secure lifting of a big and heavy steel plate at shipyard, ironworks, bridge maker or plant maker. DVD Vacuum Lift equips a special pump unit with some safety functions by our original know-how. DVD Vacuum Lift contributes to grow the efficiency and cost reduction in safety, productivity and workability. If you desire, you make DVD Vacuum Lift construct the automation line together with automatic transport equipment.

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