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Evolving Air system Vacuum Lift Quick Vacuum Lift

Quick Vacuum Lift is newly developed with our vacuum technology to utilize the air sourced from where inside the factory and charge the vacuum to Quick Vacuum Lift tank to lift the plate. It is no need to connect Quick Vacuum Lift and air source by a hose. Once the vacuum is charged in the tank, Quick Vacuum Lift can repeat suck and release a several times or maybe several dozen times upon its tank volume. Moreover, our special vacuum circuit minimize the vacuum using to lift the plate and is also maintenance-free.

Rough surface plate, light weight or thin plate is difficult to be lifted by non power system Vacuum Lift so far but all those material can be lifted now. Quick Vacuum Lift is an evolution model having both features of non power system Vacuum Lift and electric system Vacuum Lift.
*Quick Vacuum Lift is now applying the registration of utility model, design and registered trademark.

Vacut-Kun(Quick Vacuum Lift QS100)


QS-300 NEW!

QS-50 NEW!
Vacu-Combo (Quick Vacuum Lift)


QSD-150Play Video



QSD-1000動画あり NEW!


Vacu-Charge VCTG-10
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