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click to enlarge play video BCM-12N including the previous model BCM-12 has been selling the most. It is used in various fields such as bridgework, stainless container manufacturer, construction machine manufacturer or the shipyard. BCM-12N model has been also to export to US or EU most.
Standard specification
Rated input voltage 3 Phase , 200/220V , 50/60Hz
Motor output 750W
Max beveling speed 1.5m per minute
Most applicable plate thickness(t) 6~19mm
Max applicable thickness(t) 25mm
Beveling angle(a°)* 
*Angle can be changed by optional angle bracket
30 degree
(35, 37.5 and 45 degree is available to sell separately.)
Max beveling width(w) 12mm (for SS)
Max beveling depth(d) in 30° 10mm (for SS)
Max beveling depth(d) in 45° 8.5mm (for SS)
Cutter diameter φ90
Machine weight(kg) 45kg
Machine dimensions W550×L500×H630
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